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Imani Village is being developed as a Sustainable "LEED NEIGHBORHOOD"' following approved LEED guidelines for: a ) Smart Location and Linkages;  b) Neighborhood Pattern and Design and c) Green Infrastructure and Buildings.


Yes, By Any Green Necessary!

By Any Green Necessary

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III



Using the phrase "By any means necessary" a prominent social justice and civil rights activist in the 1960's worked to rally the Black Community around a new charter focused on bringing real freedom and independence to Africans in Diaspora, including self-reliance, education, and organizing for political and economic power.  Similarly and inspired by this perspective, "By Any Green Necessary" is meant to focus our attention and efforts on the power of green.


Green, as in the ongoing need to be a conscientious steward of this wonderful planet that our God has blessed us with and entrusted to us.


Green, as a critical consideration in the development of  Imani Village, as we seek to build the first of its kind development, highly sustainable in its construction principles, including urban agriculture, and providing green training and opportunity for our hardcore unemployed.


Green, an intentional focus on building a healthy community through economic partnerships with farmers, workforce development with returning citizen attacking food deserts through the creation of urban farms. "




















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