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Will Imani Village "change" the stable secure characteristic of the Cottage Grove Heights Neighborhood?

No. Imani Village is designed to " support", "expand" and "enhance" the character of the Cottage Grove Heights community, and bring additional resources and services to the neighborhood, including economic development and employment and career opportunities.

How will the development impact the adjacent community of Cottage Grove Heights? Will Imani Village place an extra burden on our fragile infrastructure and sewer system?

Imani Village will build its own infrastructure, especially water sewer and other ecologically "green" water systems, that do not draw upon the current water infrastructures systems that service Cottage Grove Heights.

When will the Imani Village Development construction begin?

The Planning Schedule anticipates construction beginning on the infrastructure, Spring, 2015

Will members of the surrounding community be eligible for employment at Imani Village, both through the development stage and after construction?

Yes, one of the objectives of the Development is to provide career training and employment opportunities for residents of the surrounding community; and for those who are underemployed, unemployed and hard to employed, or those seeking to relocate to a job position closer to their home.

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